Governor Jerry Dalipog represented by his Executive Assistant James Damoyan received 10,000 bags of certified inbred rice seeds from the Department of Agriculture-Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) during the 2022 Dry Season RCEF Seed Launching and Technical Briefing at the Provincial Capitol Plaza on November 16, 2021.

RCEF program envision to ensure food security and to make the countryโ€™s agriculture sector viable, efficient and globally competitive amidst the global pandemic.

The briefing was attended by Philippine Rice Research Isabela OIC-Branch Director Mr. Joy Bartolome Duldulao, Mayors and Municipal Agriculturist of the different municipalities, officials and employees of the provincial government and the beneficiaries.

The 10,000 bags will be distributed to the different municipalities, to wit:

Aguinaldo โ€“ 960 bags

Alfonso Lista โ€“ 3,500 bags

Asipulo โ€“ 200

Banaue โ€“ 200

Hingyon โ€“ 150

Hungduan โ€“ 100

Kiangan โ€“ 750

Lagawe โ€“ 1,000

Lamut โ€“ 2,500

Mayoyao – 600

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